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Books by Jan

Forever ConnectedA Guided Journal For A Parent Who Has Suffered The Loss of a Child.

“From her personal experience and perspective as a parent, Jan has done a remarkable job of capturing the questions to help guide a grieving parent through loss process. This wonderful journal is a great resource for a grieving parent.”

Angela Caughlin, LCSW
Author of The Only Way Through, Journaling Your Way Through, and Journaling Through, Unleashing the Power of the Authentic Self.

“Forever Connected” is an insightful and personal journey through the grief process for those who have lost a child. Jan’s heartfelt questions, prompts, and powerful testimony offer a unique journaling experience to help facilitate healing. Her beautiful connection to Spirit provides compassion, wisdom and hope for bereaved parents who are searching for comfort and peace during times of tremendous heartache and pain.”

Elizabeth Picone

Spiritual Grief Counselor
Elizabeth has shared her messages of hope with organizations like The Compassionate Friends and Catholic Charities, each who offer spiritual support to grieving children and bereaved parents.

During the initial time of grief of my son's death, I kept asking God the question, "How could I ever find peace in a heart that was broken." In time, I learned to listen and the new spiritual connection to Andy emerged. The thoughts of compassion and mindful ways to help others began. Our opportunity to collaborate on writing began to flourish and "Andy's Connection" was written.

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Originally publislhed on Bob Proctor's Insight of the Day website,
June, 2007. Also posted by Camrich Designs in May ,2008.

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