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About Us

My son Andy died at the age of 26. After his death, I entered a journey of grief that left me wondering… How could I honor my son? What would he want me to do to help others? In the wake of my loss, the amazing connection between mother and son evolved and our journey began. As my mind became still, I began to connect with Andy and his message to me became clear. Having received personal condolence notes from friends and family, I appreciated the time it took for a person to write a personal note. It meant so much that they would take time out of their daily schedule to express comfort, share memories, and offer their heart-felt sympathy. This act of kindness inspired me to create “Andy’s Connection,” a small book of suggestions on how to write a personal sympathy note. It is my hope that this guide will inspire you to move beyond your comfort zone and create personal messages to those in need. The recipient will appreciate the time you took to let them know you are thinking of them and you will benefit by offering them comfort.

The phrase “It’s the thought that counts” is more powerful than you can imagine!